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Consultation & Listening

My joy is listening fully to the truth of who you are and supporting you to bring that fully forward, bravely and without apology.  There is a universal truth that permeates all things, including you: we are here to serve something larger than ourselves and we are not fulfilled until we find our unique way of living that. This is why so many of us want to make a living doing what we love, even if it means making less money.

When you live your version of this universal truth, when you fully embody this responsibility, you will capture all senses in all seasons and your message becomes universal to those who are meant to receive it. They will be moved by that which moves you. This creates the most mutually beneficial professional relationships.

Capacities for Consulting & Listening services


As a child I thought I had a hearing problem As a young adult, I learned that my brain simply processed information differently. This “liability” has become my greatest asset because it allows me to hear the truth in the space between your words, intentions, beliefs & professional concepts. There is a natural rhythm that permeates honest expression and communicates your true intent.

 I call this listening. I use this tool as a bridge to link your heart and mind as you commit to, and implement the practical process of invigorating your professional life. A heart and mind aligned in service to something larger than itself is the strongest force in the universe. 

This is what we listen to, communicate with, and create from. 


Conceptual re-alignment is the process of listening to the wisdom of your situation and self, receiving this input with willingness, and compelling you into action while being reorganized and changed according to the truth of who you really are. When we listen to, communicate with, and create from this place, we are rooted and linked to infinite possibility. This is where identity and inspiration meet clarifying and distilling your core values as a professional and a human being.

Conceptual re-alignment is universally relevant to all your professional needs and projects. We have developed and utilized this process in my private practice, retail business, and leadership roles for over two decades. The success of this process is based on readiness, increasing awareness and commitment to authentic expression. 

People are motivated by your why. Answering this question from your deep knowing is how you reach them. Conceptual re-alignment puts you fully in touch with your self so you can fully touch others, and then they can decide if they are ready to align with you. 


I have learned to address real healing from the biggest picture possible according to the human being, including working with the energetic body. Your physical body is contained within and throughout an energy field.  It understands and records with precision and detail all the stress contributing to your current situation. A big balanced field is what activates dynamic homeostasis and the body’s repair cycle. This is our greatest ally and includes the biochemistry of the physical tissues to create a comprehensive plan that prioritizes your personal preferences. In short, this is BioEnergetic Medicine and it is the future of medicine.

After two decades of professional experience in private practice, I am a good match for other skilled practitioners seeking comprehensive health services in natural & BioEnergetic medicine, as well as body work & structural concerns. Technically I am excellent, intuitively I am precise, and personally I am present & attuned. I know the value of being seen for the whole of who I am and I bring that to you. I see the whole you, through the eyes of so many modalities. There is no need to limit or default to one. Rather, I keep them all active and alive so that the best option for you is present again and again.


Stones are consistent vibration signatures made by God to remind us of something that is true. Unlike humans and animals, who have changing emotional landscapes, the mineral kingdom holds a steady state of being. This allows human beings a vibrational example of health to return to and remember how to hold this space consistently themselves.

As proprietor of The Happy Crystal Shop and intent holder for Peace Across the Planet and Grandfather (the 9-foot tall, 4,400 lb black shiva lingam standing upright in utter sacredness on our property & with our family in Two Harbors, MN) I have matched people and stones for two decades. The value of these relationships cannot be measured in words. Here the mineral kingdom comes alive on behalf of your open heart. If you are interested in inviting a stone into your life or business, we are here.


For Individuals: These sessions are one-on-one with Cari available over the phone or in person at a rate of $135/hour.

For Businesses: These are Team Consultations. They can take place in-house or on-site. Rates start at $277/hour and vary depending on circumstances.