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Where We Begin

Our working model, Conceptual Re-Alignment, offers insight to all aspects of your business and professional presence. Within this process, you become attuned to your value system and core identity (the personal experience) and from this vantage point design a media package and/or professional/organizational strategy to most effectively re-define, re-invent & re-establishing your presence (the public experience). The point is to gain deep awareness and cultivate professional presence that represents and honors you, your organization & your craft, while reaching your audience effectively and honestly. 

meeting you


  • We welcome your inquiry. If you have an inkling but aren't sure where to start or what is a wise investment, just give us a call. We are here and happy to talk you though our process without any pressure.
  • As a team, we are committed to integrity, and will only recommend what we genuinely feel is the most effective plan to meet your needs in the right ways and at the right time.
  • Feel free to explore your options and stay open to the possibilities. 


  • Submit associated paperwork for your design/consultation inquiries
  • Bring 1-8 physical samples of images, colors, words, sounds, textures etc. that inspire your senses (you will leave these items with us for the duration of the project)
  • What about these samples moves you?


  • 45 minutes complimentary consultation with both Cari & Molly
  • This is how we determine if we are the right fit for each other
  • Be prepared to discuss the "homework" pieces and personal preferences and expectations
  • Moving forward, we will provide a project timeline & contract including both our responsibilities and yours, within a week
  • Throughout this transition, we are committed to responding to any and all questions/concerns within a business day

matching you


  • Are your images/samples expressions of health?
  • Does your logo idea support your conscious intent/vision for your life, including your business?
  • Remember, you already have everything you need. Are you willing to allow it's honest expression?


  • From here, we align with the truth of your conscious intent to create any product or service that represents your authentic identity, expression, brilliance & joy.


  • This work is based on your core identity. It is unique to you and will deliver as long as it is still relevant and honest. 
  • Whether it's a logo, website, action plan or professional space, our work together is a living design.  It needs your care and presence. 
  • Stay curious, invested & open as you grow.  


  • Consciously revisit, refine and reinvent as your design for thriving changes. 
  • Ask yourself: What is different? Is it still working? What new is asking to be expressed?
  • Let us grow with you. For years to come, we look forward to supporting your evolution, professional growth and thriving.